Donald Gorbachev and Christian Ustinov

Donald Gorbachev and Christian Ustinov met online but have never met in person, until now. On their first date, both want to see where things go and how heated they can make things before getting emotionally involved. The chemistry is sure right, so when Christian suggested a walk through the woods, Donald readily agreed. Christian leads Donald to a secluded spot where the immediately start making out. But not in the heated, “I-gotta-get-off-right-now!” kinda way. Nice and slow, they way the both agreed. And the sparks fly between them! Their first fuck turns out to be more of a making love session, tender and sweet with Donald sucking Christian’s uncut piece before presenting his ass for the uncut top to fuck raw. The bareback twinks have their fun by a babbling brook, with Christian eventually shooting a H-U-G-E messy load all over Donald’s smooth chest. We think this is the beginning of a bee-YOO-tee-ful friendship!
Featuring: Christian Ustinov, Donald Gorbachev