Gilbert Rosa and Aitor Cruz

After working all day at the factory, Gilbert Rosa and Aitor Cruz are exhausted. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have the energy to relieve their stress and loosen up achey muscles. In fact, there’s one aching muscle in particular that needs to release the pressure, and that’s Gilbert’s cock! While making out, Aitor strokes Gilbert, licking and kissing his way down to the head of his cock. Aitor sucks Gilbert like a greedy pig and Gilbert fucks Aitor’s face with his big, curved piece. Gilbert soon returns the favor, sucking Aitor before turning the adorable cock whore around and teasing Aitor by rubbing his dick against the Latino’s cute ass. Without preliminaries, Aitor sits Gilbert down and impales himself on the raw, curved beauty. This bareback rider needed NO spit OR lube, which made us wonder, just how hungry WAS the cock hungry bareback sex fiend? Gilbert takes full advantage of his friend’s hole, barebacking his sweet ass until he blows a load all over Aitor’s face. With his sore, aching muscles all but forgotten — except for his ass, after that pounding! — Aitor greedily slurps on Gilbert’s cummy cock, tasting and eating his load. Pleased over Aitor’s pigginess, Gilbert laps it his own jizz, still dripping from Aitor’s face, then drops to his knees and takes a cum facial from Aitor, which the two then share in a tender kiss.
Featuring: Aitor Cruz, Gilbert Rosa