Lumir Blanco and Jakub Bauer

Fresh from the office, Jakub Bauer pays Lumir Blanco a friendly visit. Except that dark-haired Lumir wants a little more than just friendly chit-chat and idle conversation. He wants COCK! Especially after thinking about the cute slender guy that cruised him earlier that day. Jakub is all too happy to give Lumir what he wants, but not before sucking him to full erection. After having his cock sucked, hung Lumir returns the favor, enjoying the fat dick stretching his lips. Lumir soon wants more and without the benefit of lube or even a good rim job, he turns around and straddles Jakub, impaling himself on his friend's shaft. Bouncing up and down, Lumir strokes himself then lets Jakub do it for him. Lumir is soon bent over the table with Jakub driving his perfect cock home with an all raw, bareback fuck that ends up with the two twinks on the floor. There, they fuck until Jakub unloads all over Lumir, who fingers some of the seed into his hungry, gaping hole.
Featuring: Jakub Bauer, Lumir Blanco