Malcolm Dominguez and Abel Rivera

Malcolm Dominguez is poking fun at his buddy Abel Rivera. It seems Abel had the hots for a foreigner he cruised but didn't hook up with, while he and Malcolm walked the street after lunch. But there's a reason why Malcolm teases Abel. He's had the hots for the slender, innocent Latino and if anyone is going to take the virgin, it's going to be Malcolm! He moves in on Abel and the twink welcomes Malcolm's kisses, his caresses. The two are soon making out and strip out of their shirts. Malcolm takes the lead but Abel is soon pulling out Malcolm's fat, uncut cock, certain his buddy's dick is going up his ass, but not before he's had a chance to taste it! Abel gives Malcolm a blowjob and, after a while, Malcolm rims Abel. Suckling the juicy morsel that is Abel's cherry, Malcolm leaves Abel fully lubricated, with a river of spittle dribbling down his ass. Malcolm works his cock inside Abel's tight ass. With big balls slapping against his backside, Malcolm pounds away with a good rhythm. Abel is soon bouncing up and down on Malcolm, taking as much raw meat as possible, deep in his hungry ass. Abel is rewarded with an explosive cum facial and, after tasting Malcolm's seed, he's officially a bareback twink, hooked on raw dick and the taste of cum. But turn about is only fair so Abel cums right into Malcolm's mouth and, after unloading all over his tongue, the two swap seed in a sticky kiss that will leave you smacking your lips!
Featuring: Abel Rivera, Malcolm Dominguez