Pedro Piedra and Tomas Robles, Part 2

A few weeks ago we featured Tomas Robles, a delinquent serving out his time in the military rather than going to prison. His Commanding Officer, Pedro Piedra, caught him jerking off and to show him a lesson, wound up fucking his face, then attempting to fuck his ass. But his monster cock just wouldn’t go in, try as he might. Now, in part 2, we get to see exactly what Pedro does what that humongous monster cock and the cute Latin virgin twink who’s never had cock before, let alone been fucked bareback. Turns out Tomas is more than aroused by Pedro’s huge fat pinga and is determined to take as much of it as he can, whether it be bent over, straddling his C.O. and impaling himself on that massive beast, or any other position the man can think of. But regardless of where that cock is going, the twink is going to take Pedro’s seed if it’s the last thing he does! Now the big question is, will he let himself be caught jerking off the next time he’s on duty?
Featuring: Pedro Piedra, Tomas Robles