Raw Punishment - Billy, Matt, and Rusty

Billy Dexter, Matt Jakes, and Rusty Coffin have been at each other’s throats from the first day of classes. Their professors lectured them on the importance of getting along in such a small and private, but prestigious school. When they still didn’t get along, the Headmaster got involved and meted out their punishment. They were to be locked up in a room and were not to come out until they’d resolved their differences. As it turns out, they didn’t have any differences. They were simply so turned on and aroused by the other they didn’t know how to handle their hormones. Now, after realizing they were just horny, Billy and Matt make out while Rusty watches from nearby. The one giving head isn’t the Headmaster, but Billy. He sucks Matt’s big uncut cock like he’s never going to see another piece of delicious twink meat again. And what can Matt do but enjoy the oral service? Even Rusty, uncertain about such a “punishment,” is so aroused he starts jerking off while looking on. Soon, Matt and Billy join Rusty in his bed. There, Rusty openly jerks off while Billy enjoys Matt’s lips wrapped around his throbbing cock. After putting on quite a show, Matt and Billy invite Rusty to join them. The slender, curly-haired twink with the choker makes out with Matt while Billy devours his aching prick. Billy soon shares Rusty’s cock with Matt, who is just as avid a cocksucker as Billy. And there’s Rusty, eyes practically rolled back into his head. Rusty is then spit-roasted by his new fuck buddies, his sweet ass fucked bareback before Billy decides he’d rather be the one getting screwed. Matt is up for the challenge, copping Billy’s raw cherry before popping a load all over the smooth twink’s belly. Rusty follows with a load of his own, all over Billy’s chest, and Billy strokes out a thick and explosive load that bathes his chest and stomach. And with punishment like that, you’ll be lining up next to get yours!
Featuring: Billy Dexter, Matt Jakes