Raw Sports - Adam and Michael

Runner Adam Hanks invites his buddy Michael to join him for a morning jog. Michael readily agrees, never expecting the rush he’d get from being out that early and exercising. With adrenaline pumping through their veins, both Adam and Michael are super horned up. When they arrive at Adam’s place, the experienced runner is so excited by their run he can’t bother waiting to hit the showers. He devours Michael’s cock right then and there, on the stairs, before having his own huge, uncut, fat dick serviced by eager Michael. Now, something you should know, Michael’s not sucked a lot of cock. In fact, except for some experimentation when he was younger, he’s hardly given gay sex much thought. Now, however, the jock twink is ready, willing and able! After sucking Adam’s thick slab, Michael is curious to know what rimming feels like. His sweet, hairy and musky ass is soon treated to a deep rimming by Adam, who spit-lubes Michael’s virgin fuckhole. Having only taken a finger or two of his own while jerking off, Michael rides Adam’s big dick, impaling and fucking himself on the juicy cock while masturbating. When he’s ready, he stands and delivers a hefty load of jizz straight to Adam’s mouth. The cum-hungry jock laps it all up, cleaning up Michael’s load before shooting his seed onto Michael’s tongue. Newly addicted to cock and cum, the twink swallows the savory load, taking to eating loads like a duck to water.
Featuring: Adam Hanks, Michael