Ticket to Ride - Julian, Milano, and Stephan

Julian Kolp worked with Stephan Dry on the ship for several years before Stephan moved on to fly for a local airline. When they bump into each other trying to flag down the same taxi, Stephan invites Julian back to his place, catch up, and meet his boyfriend, Milano Smooth. Always horny and ready for a good fuck, Julian agrees. Sweet, hung Milano kicks back so Stephan can suck his uncut dick while Julian makes a meal out of Stephan’s cock. Soon, Stephan offers up Milano’s cock for Julian to savor and the greedy cock whore chows down. Each guy has his turn in the middle, getting his dick worshipped and his nipples worked over by the other two hungry piggies. But when it comes down to fucking, there’s only one man who’s going to take all that dick and it’s Julian. And it’s all raw! After getting his hairy ass played with, rimmed, and spit-lubed by the real-life boyfriends, Julian gets his hole stuffed and pounded by his former co-worker, then by Milano, who shoots his load all over Julian’s hairy ass before shoving his cock back inside, seeding his hole. Julian fires off a huge load directly into Stephan’s mouth, who rewards Julian with a mouthful of his own, which they then share in a sloppy kiss, savoring all that sweet and salty jizz.
Featuring: Julian Kolp, Milano Smooth