Desire In The Stable

When lust comes, it's hard to say no. It happens to these two guys, Joe Ex and Rodolphe Vacano, who happen to be gripped by their lust. Joe, the long-haired guy, takes his buddy to spend the weekend in his dad's farm. But Joe has something else in his mind, as he brings Rodolphe to an abandoned stable. Joe's dad used to keep his horses there before he managed to get a larger stable. Rodolphe can read Joe's mind and he certainly doesn't have any objection. Thus, those two boys head there and no one is there to disturb their fun. Joe and Rodolphe then kiss each other in total privacy. Their lips are pressed and their tongues lick each other's mouth. Seconds later, they take off their clothes and the real fun begins. As a cock lover, Joe is very enthusiastic about sucking Rodolphe's dick. He gets down and takes Rodolphe's cock into his mouth. The oral sex happens for a few minutes before Joe finally gets fucked.
Featuring: Joe Ex, Rodolphe Vacano