Ethan James and Tommy

Ethan James and Tommy are sunning themselves by the side of the pool. In the hot tub, Tommy's soon sucking Ethan. The tattooed twinks swap spit, kissing romantically, then head back to their room where a massage leads to more kissing and touching. Both show off their oral skills by working each others cocks with their hot mouths. The two young men get into a 69 position, Tommy sucking dick while Ethan eats his hole, and the bareback bottom soon winds up on his back. Ethan fucks Tommy raw on his side and doggy style, pounding into him balls deep before telling him to ride it. With slow, deep thrusts, Tommy rides Ethan then gets flipped on his back and pumped with his ass at the edge of the bed. Ethan strokes Tommy's cock as he fucks him, making him explode, then straddles his face and gives Tommy a facial.
Featuring: Ethan James, Tommy