Friend's Brother

Planning to return the gay porn DVD that he borrows, Philip Bernau comes to his friend's house. But unfortunately, his friend is not home yet. Daniel Paxton, his friend's elder brother, answers the door and tell Philip to come in. Since the DVD has to be returned to his friend's hand, Philip decides to wait. After all, he is not sure that Daniel knows about his brother's homosexuality. However, Philip accidentally drops the porn DVD and Daniel sees it! As Daniel picks it up, he gives Philip a lewd grin. At first, Philip doesn't realize what happens but later he understands that Daniel is as gay as his brother. Sitting on the sofa, with his trousers unzipped, Daniel makes Philip suck his throbbing cock. As a cock lover, Philip gladly takes the man meat into his hungry mouth and begins sucking. What happen next? You must watch this video.
Featuring: Daniel Paxton, Philip Bernau