Lukas and David Wood

While kicking around a soccer ball, Lukas takes a spill and sprains his ankle. David Wood helps the limping blond twink to his place and checks him out. What starts off as muscle compression becomes a heated bout of kissing and groping. The young men strip and David makes sure Lukas' innocent, barely touched body goes untouched or unkissed. When David reveals his big fat cock, Lukas devours the uncut beauty and sucks it like he was born to do just that! David then has a go at Lukas, making a meal out of the twink's sweet dick. After switching off a few times, the dark-haired top stud gives his ass up for Lukas to rim then closes in on the blond's tight pink hole like an animal about to eat his prey. Once Lukas is totally primed, David tears into the delicious fuckhole, barebacking the twink until the both spew and Lukas winds up with a cum facial.
Featuring: David Wood, Lukas