Luke Taylor, David Begua and Michael

David Begua, a handsome daddy type, is looking for painters. After posting up signs at bus stops, twinks Luke Taylor and buddy Michael decide to give David a call since they could use the extra money. When they arrive at David's house he tells the young men what he needs but instead of painting, the horny boys get hard and start playing with each other. Before long, David walks in on them and after they all compare dick size, some hot cock sucking begins. Every one gets their lips wrapped around a hot piece of large, uncut meat as well as getting sucked. After a while, Luke gets his ass played with, his hole licked, and mounted. His sweet tight pucker is fucked bareback by David and Michael. After riding them in turn, Luke winds up with a double cum facial that makes him realize that's how you paint walls!
Featuring: David Begua, Luke Taylor