Tennis Anyone?

Rick Svenson and Martin Prawda are two buddies who like the same sport: tennis. They often spend time together to play their favorite game, like what happens in the beginning of this video. Martin is a very good tennis player; he plays like a professional. Rick can play, too, but not as good as Martin. Wanting to learn more, Rick then asked Martin to teach him how to hit the tennis ball. Martin gladly teaches his friend. He holds Rick's arm and swing it to show him the right movement. But Martin has a hidden motive; he wants to feel his friend's body. Casually, he grops Rick's stomach. Since Rick doesn't seem to mind, Martin gets braver and rolls up Rick's T-shirt. Rick's bare stomach is exposed. Lustfully, Martin runs his palm across the smooth hairless stomach. Martin also rubs other parts until Rick gets horny. Those guys then kiss, not caring whether anyone sees them or not. Watch them make out, you know you want to.
Featuring: Rick Svenson