The Rich Boy

Two sexy hunks, Lee Koudy and Bart Samson, are going to make you drool as they will perform for you. Lee Koudy had lived with his family for years and he was tired of it. There was no privacy and he certainly could not bring back any of his gay friends home. Lee is still hiding his homosexuality from his parents and siblings. Thus, living under one roof with his family depresses him. One day, Lee's gay friend, Bart Samson invites Lee to move in with him. Bart's dad is a very rich man and he gives Bart his own house once Bart turns 18. Knowing that he can never afford to rent his own apartment, Lee accepts the offer gladly. Upon arriving there, Lee obviously likes the place and the fact that they are both have total privacy. Without any hesitation, both guys begin kissing and licking each other's clothed bodies. But then they quickly take off their clothes. Lee looks very lustful towards his sex partner; he immediately sports an erection. As they continue with oral sex and anal sex, they know that they will have more intimate time together.
Featuring: Bart Samson, Lee Koudy