The Stripper

You may have watched videos featuring threesome or foursome. How about a fivesome? Five sexy horny guys will parade their naked bodies for you; they are Mario Novak, Daniel Tucker, Patrick Swarc, Ivan Fischer and Erik Ejkovsky. This video takes place in a gay strip club. Four horny friends decide to spend the night watching what they love the most: sexy guy doing striptease. A blond young man, wearing black underwear, is dancing seductively around a pole. His smooth body moves quite flexibly. At times, he deliberately shoves his ass backward as if he wants to tease his horny audiences. The four buddies, sitting in front of the stripper, keep massaging the growing bulge in their respective trousers. It is a matter of time before the orgy, involving five hot guys, takes place. Each guy is fueled with insatiable lust. As they get naked, they grope one another's bodies before getting into oral and anal sex.