Zack Hood and Martin Sweet

Muscle Daddy Zack Hood is knew in town. He wanders into a bar where Martin Sweet has been nursing his ale. The slender young twink catches his eye and the two start cruising each other. Zack has a thing for twinks and when Martin offers his place up for him to stay, Zack jumps at the chance the way he jumps on Martin the moment they're alone. The horny twink loves being overpowered by the muscled jock and winds up with his lips wrapped around Zack's cock, making love to the throbbing shaft with his throat. But he knows what's going to happen next even before it happens and although it's hard to handle at first, Martin eventually takes all of Zack's raw cock up his has and can now say he's kissed his bareback cherry goodbye.
Featuring: Martin Sweet, Zack Hood